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"Un-American eco-terrorist #ZoeBecker will rot in jail until she dies. Unless she gets the death penalty, which I fully support. #DeathPenaltyforZoe"

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The Story
New York City

IN SIX DAYS, A Tale of Family, Religion and Sabotage: The Story

Zoe Becker is inside federal prison prepping for a nationally-televised interview. The teenager from Manhattan is accused of masterminding the largest string of eco-tage in the country's history.  A throng of supporters outside the prison scream for her release.  Others, for her to be locked up for life. 

Months earlier, a wave of environmental attacks ripples across the country. The only clue left at the raid sites: a King of Clubs playing card.  As the sabotage grows in size and significance, the country speculates about the message and messenger with rage and veneration.


IN SIX DAYS weaves a fascinating collection of characters into a thrilling web of conspiracy and environmental outrage: Zoe and her widowed father, a former eco-terrorist from the 80s; a homeless Marine veteran and his sidekick who see their prophecy in the bible, To Destroy those Who Destroy the Earth; an unlikely pair of FBI agents; and a corrupt gathering of powerbrokers.

When the authorities close in, Zoe finds herself on the run, protecting her loved ones and the dark secret she holds. For the FBI, they must safeguard the country at all costs. The next attack is IN SIX DAYS. 

About the Author

M. Quilman is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Ithaca College.  He has three decades of experience in the energy industry.  He lives with his wife and teenage daughters.  

In Six Days is his first book.

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CSP is proud to announce the arrival of In Six Days: A Tale of Family, Religion, and Sabotage! 

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In Six Days - Cover 9.jpg
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